Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

Welcome to Flood Water Damage Restoration we are a group of professionals who have been delivering the services for Water Damage Restoration Melbourne for more than 15 years. With a team of dedicated and adept technicians, who concern about their customer’s needs and provide only quality services to them. Flood has become a common cause for the Australian people but whenever it occurs it leads to bountiful devastation. The most severe cause that induced by flood is the damaging of the households furnishing objects including carpets and upholstery. A flood can completely damage a carpet because it brings an abundance of dirty and infected water with it.

Water Damage Restoration Melbourne
Water Damage Restoration

Causes Of Water Damage

  • Flood:

    Flood is the most severe cause behind the water damage. The floodwater contains copious of dirt, mud, bacteria and other pollutants. It brings overfull muddy water which wholly saturates the entire carpet and flooded carpets take many hours and in a few instances even days to get completely dry. But hiring a professional company for Water Damage Restoration Melbourne can save you from harsh consequences.
  • Severe Water Damage:

    It usually happens due to toilet backflow or overflowing of gutters. The major cause behind sewer water damage is the excess of water in the gutter and burst pipelines which lead to the buildup of nasty and infected water inside our houses. The contaminated water that overflows from the sewer directly lead to the carpets and make them completely drenched which later cause many problems.
  • Damaged Or Malfunctioning Household Apparatuses:

    When any of the household appliances get broken or damaged. It leads to water leaking in the house. Sometimes people neglect these things happening inside their house later they found their carpets become completely saturated. Thus, It is also a significant cause of water damage.

Procedure That We Follow For Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

Our professional follows an efficient procedure for Floor & Restoration Cleaning Melbourne:

  • A Total Gauging Of The Affected Area:

    In the beginning, our experts gauge the flooded area with the help of latest equipment to determine to what extent the flood damage has reached. Our professionals take a detailed evaluation of damp carpet, subfloors, underlays building support and cement walls simultaneously the levels of decay it has caused.
  • Determining The Planning Of The Work To Dry The Carpets And Estimation:

    According to the damage that your carpet has caused our experts will let you know about the total estimated cost of the damage and the time it will take for the work to conclude and in how much time the carpet will get dry. 
  • Water Extraction From The Carpets:

    With the application of the latest tools, our professionals will extract the infected flooded water from your carpets. It is a crucial step that will help in drying the carpets quickly.
  • Mould Removal: Moulds start to develop under the carpet fibres when it remains damp for more than 40 hours. With the help of antimicrobials, we treat the afflicted area to decrease the growth of bacteria. The antimicrobial treatment starts with the damp carpet drying method and is applied repeatedly after the wind-up of the water damage restoration to stop and control fungus germination.
  • Carpet Drying: After water extraction from the carpet, we make use of the heavy-duty automated air movers to separate water molecules quicker to continue drying. LGR or Desiccant dehumidifiers are utilised to expel dampness from the air. We may uplift the carpet to help complete drying of house and subfloor.
  • Placing Blow Dryers According To The Need:

    We place blow dryers according to the need to dry the carpets quickly. Our professionals keep dehumidifiers and air movers running on in your home and regularly monitor at frequent interludes to control moisture and dampness of affected materials.
  • Steam Cleaning Of The Carpets If Needed:

    Steam cleaning becomes essential in order to remove the bacteria growth and odours from the carpet. You can also seek help from a Water Damage Restoration Melbourne company.
Water Extraction From The Carpets

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FAQs On Water Damage Restoration Melbourne

How do your team restore the carpet?

There are many types of equipment and tools which are used for the service. Our professional team knows well about all the flood damage restoration work. Thus your carpet will be restored in the best ways.

Can I get the service on the same day of the booking?

Yes, avail the same day booking and service facility with us for all types of flood damage carpet restoration service in Melbourne.

After how many hours of booking I can get the service?

Our professionals can reach your place within 2-3 hours of booking to give the service. We are the best carpet restoration service provider in Melbourne.

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