Tips on How to Prevent Black Mold from Growing in Your House

There can be various reasons, like a damp or flood, for the growth of black mold in your house. That is why a significant part of flood damage restoration is mold control. Also, fixing the mold problem is a bit expensive. They are also ill-reputed for causing various health problems and damaging property and furniture. So, preventing black mold from growing in your house is always a good idea. Keep reading, as here we will share some amazing tips on how to prevent black mold from growing in your house who stun its growth in the first place.

Prevent Black Mold from Growing

1. Keep an eye on problem areas. 

Problem areas in your house and the zones where black mold can grow and even thrive. The kitchen, laundry, bathroom, walls around a condensing or leaking pipe, ceiling, basement and gutter are high-moisture areas where mold can easily grow. You must keep an eye on these heavy moisture places. Repairing minor damages and keeping the moisture level in check can save you from a lot of trouble and expenditure in the future.

2. Use proper ventilation

Your first step to prevent the growth of black mold in your house is controlling the moisture level. If your basement gets flooded during monsoon, you must initiate flood damage restoration to prevent black mold from destroying other parts of the house. Also, many routine activities like bathing, cooking and washing can cause mold growth. Make sure you use proper ventilation, like opening the windows from time, using an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier. Do not keep moisture-producing articles like wet clothes indoors.

3. Use mold-killing products

It is a small but effective step to prevent black mold. You can use mold-killing products to clean your bathroom, kitchen sinks, laundry space, and roof gutters. There are also many natural ways to kill mold. Using tea tree oil, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and citrus seed extracts are some of the natural ways to kill mold, and you can also easily get them from the market.

4. Maintain better airflow

A better airflow can positively impact your home and its people. But it is also necessary to keep mold at bay. During colder seasons, the air cannot hold much moisture, and this excess moisture can be seen on windows, floors and walls. Open doors and windows regularly and declutter the walls by moving away furniture to improve indoor airflow.

5. Dry-wet zones immediately

Black or white mold grows in high moisture zones. So, if you do not let the moisture levels increase in your house, you can prevent mold easily. Thus, you must dry the wet zones of your house immediately. For example, if you face a flood or heavy shower, remove all the wet furniture, carpet and bedding that needs some time to dry completely and wipe off the dampness and water from your house wall and floor. 

Also, never let wet clothes lie scattered in your home. Try to put them outside or anywhere they can get better light and air. Most importantly, fix a damp floor or wall within 48 hours (due to water/food liquid spilling or pipe damage). It will help to prevent mold and keep your home safe.

6. Clean your roof gutter regularly

Another major reason mold can develop in your house is a blocked or leaky roof gutter. Roof gutter leakage can cause a damp roof and increase your house’s humidity levels. You must clean your roof gutters regularly, inspect their condition and repair them immediately when needed.  

Also, you must check them after a flood, storm or heavy rain that can hurt your roof gutter for potential damage. And if you see any severe issue, you must contact a flood damage restoration service for your house. 

7. Keep mold away from your indoor plants

If you have indoor plants in your house, they increase the beauty of your indoors and keep the air clean. But you may not know mold love the plant’s moist soil and grow peacefully under them. They rapidly grow on wet soil and spread to other areas of your house.   

However, you do not need to move your plant outside; instead, you can try some simple tricks to keep mold away from them. For instance, add Taheebo tea to your plant watering. It is a powerful herb that helps prevent mold from growing on the plant’s soil. Taheebo tea is famous for preventing various fungi. But if it is unavailable at your place, you can also try similar herbs. 


Black mold isharmful to your house and furniture and can also affect your health. However, keeping an eye on moisture-causing problems and fixing leaky pipes and wet floors can prevent mold. Also, if you have recently witnessed a flood, you can use a flood damage restoration service to fix your house damage.        

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